U11 A GSA Netball Tournament (Midlands Area)
Date: Wednesday 21st March
Result: BCS Tournament Winners! BCS 9-0 EHS B, BCS 8-St Martins 0, BCS 14 – 0 Kingsley, BCS 6-0 Holy Trinity, BCS 3-2 EHS A
Most Valued Player: Emma, Poppy, Anne-Laure, Neave, Sereena, Prisyn,Isabelle and Teresa. A whole team effort!
Report: With a point to prove to the other Prep Schools within the West Midlands our girls set off with real intent. We had 5 matches of 6 minutes each way to play in a round robin and the winners taking home the medals. Throughout the tournament the team played with real style and made playing netball look easy. The training and hard work that all of the team put in throughout each match was amazing and a real pleasure to watch. The girls put in a real team effort and I am really proud of their unbeaten season in their inter-school matches. All of the respective teachers from the other schools complimented how the girls played and carried themselves throughout the tournament and one teacher said our girls, if older, would easily make County Netball Teams.

Mrs Bennett