So as we know it was the hottest London Marathon on record!! 

I choose to not change my training plan and wanted to still give myself every chance of 3:30. I got there in good time – a frantic 20 minute train from Waterloo was the worst part of the journey! The rest was a dream. I saw people at Staines train station to calm my nerves, ate well and felt good. I sun creamed up and put vaseline in all the right places.

I got lucky and was in pen 2, so I was out within 3 minutes of the race starting. I got so lucky that I asked a runner next to me what his goal time was – he said 3:30! So for 16 miles (2:05) I ran with him. Nick from Trafford AC in Manchester, his wife was running also. It was so so motivating to run with him, a legend. I was gutted to see him 30 minutes later pulled up looking poorly. Even more so he finished 4:56 so I still don’t know what happened – I’m trying to get in touch with him still!

Anyway at that 16 mile point I did slow – 2 gels and plenty of water. I just couldn’t maintain an 8:00 min/mile pace. However 3 miles on 3:40 and I was feeling good. Then my left hamstring clenched and I stopped. I got so worried that that was me done & I somehow kept on running through agony. As 20/21 miles came, I was walk running continuously. I tried taking all the sweets from the crowd and more Lucozade but my body was slowing. The final 600m I jogged it out and got there in 3:58 – thankfully under 4 hours!!!

If I really think about the support along the 26.2 miles I find it hard to describe. My shirt was perfect as my name was called out by so many people. It felt incredible, shivers and adrenaline rush all the time. When I walked they tried helping so much and kickstarted me again. The music was insane, under a bridge near 5 miles, these tribal drummers were banging like no other noise. Then pubs throughout had live music and boozy people!! I loved the atmosphere and it certainly drove me on.

Then people I knew… Friends from Surrey, Somerset, Leicester, London. Family cousins, niece, nephew, bro, sis in law, mum, boy, girl and wifey!!! I was lost with emotion seeing them at various points, especially at mile 22 and 23 when I really was struggling. My heart goes out to these people for spurring me on and showing such unreal support. 

Once completed I think my body shut down physically and emotionally. I couldn’t inhale very well, my hamstring required treatment and they popped a huge toe blister! The walk to see family at Horse Guard’s Parade seemed so so far away. 

Sponsorship has continued to roll in and I am well over my £500 new target. I have spent two days smiling with the messages coming in over social media. Runr have a great Twitter feed and I feel a part of a great running network of like minded people.

Would I do it again? Two days later – YES. Ballot entry for 2019 will be submitted? We shall see. For now, serious recovery time, massage Friday and hoping to run by Thursday. Half marathon is booked for Mid May, i’m intrigued to know what the body will say!

Once again thank you all for keeping up to date with me, so much love!!!xxx

Mr Harrison