U10B Rounders V King’s Hawford
Date: Monday 30th April
Result: BCS 12-9 King’s Hawford
Most Valued Player: Lily Cunney – excellent bowling
Report: A great start to the season. The girls batted well and took their opportunities to score. In the field we reacted to the ball and made good decisions of where to throw. At times we need to work on our accuracy but I was pleased with how much they had remembered from last season. A strong start girls, well done!
Scorer: Lily Cunney (2), Ishani Shetty (1)
Miss Crews


U10A Rounders v King’s Hawford
Date: Monday 30th April
Result: BCS 9-10 King’s Hawford
Most Valued Player: Gracie
Report: This was a game of two innings! We started off very rusty and gave away rounders through bad decisions and misplaced throws. We finished the first innings 7.5- 4.5, 3 rounders down. However, we are at school to learn and what the whole team proved in the second innings is that given opportunities and encouragement to be confident in their decisions they will make progress. Both Tara and Storm made excellent catches and got players out and our decision-making had become swifter with great fielding from Lexie into the post players. After 27 good bowls we had the whole team out for 2.5 rounders which was fantastic! We won the second innings 4.5 – 2.5 and now need to build on our experience from this match.
Scorer: Daphne (1), Tara (0.5). Ojal (1), Gracie (3), Lexie (1), Bea (1)
Mrs Bennett