In the run up to Saturday’s ‘big day’, George and William have been looking at royal wedding cakes from the past and have had a go at their own creations! 

4J have also been inspired by a report on Newsround and have put together their own list of marriage advice for Harry and Meghan…


Dear Harry and Meghan

Love from 4J

(Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental)

Advice for a happy marriage:

It helps if you like each other.

Don’t shout at other cars when driving.

Talk nicely to each other.

Don’t spit gum out of the car.

Don’t imitate silly drivers.

Don’t do just half a job!

Go on a nice honeymoon to Hawaii.

Definitely don’t wee on the toilet seat!

Don’t toot in the bed in the middle of the night.

Cook dinner for each other.

Only take as long as you need in the loo.

Don’t wrap your feet around people in bed.

Go to dinner at Simpson’s.

Don’t lock yourself out of the house.

Try to make the moments last before you have children!

Don’t snore too loudly.

Don’t take pictures of expensive cars that don’t belong to you.

When you’re on a bus, don’t ask the driver if First Class is upstairs!

Watch The Simpsons together.

Don’t put embarrassing things on Facebook.

Don’t stay up all night watching movies.

Don’t argue in public places.

Go to KFC.

Spend your money before you have children as they will take it all!

Don’t have children!

Kiss under the mistletoe.

Marry someone for the person they are inside, it doesn’t matter what they look like.

Get used to the smelly stuff as that’s all babies do.

Always give your wife money when she wants it.


Advice for when you have children:

Don’t dad-dance!

Don’t scream at the children.

Don’t pretend to need a number two in the morning to avoid looking after the children.

Don’t swear at the children.

Don’t get into arguments about what to give the children for dinner, otherwise the children will start taking sides and that will embarrass you in public!

Don’t kiss in public, it will embarrass your children.

Don’t hog the TV for football, let the children watch something!

Don’t do anything vaguely naughty or your children may well blackmail you to your wife/husband.

Don’t dance in front of your children.

Try to say the same things to your children, they can sense weakness.


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