Our Year 4 assemblies this term have been teaching us more about God’s kingdom.

Oink, Oink, Oink! to Mrs James and her class for a fabulous dramatic version of The Three Little Pigs. During their unusual episode of Location, Location, Location. We met contestants Sandy and Doug who both built houses…Sandy on sand and Doug on rock. NO guesses as to which house survived the storm! 4J reminded us that in God’s Kingdom we build our lives on His love and care so that when the storms of life, or indeed, even the “big bad wolves” of life come we will be safe.

4S walked down the aisle to the well-known Neighbours Theme Music and treated us to a pantomime version of the Good Samaritan complete with boos and cheers. We were encouraged to think about our neighbours and to remember that Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan to give us an example of true “neighbourliness” Before finishing their assembly, they reminded us of the small but generous part that the inn keeper played in caring for the wounded man. Go and do the same!

Many thanks for all your hard work in preparing them.