It’s Panini time again. No, I am not referring to the flat, grilled, Italian bread roll with the yummy filling; no, I mean that ages-old sticker album craze which comes upon us all every four years. With the World Cup just around the corner, we can expect to see pupils huddled over in corners of the school, offering two Harry Kane’s for one Eden Hazard. (or vice versa).

Let’s hope for some great football in Russia – and a complete absence of racial intolerance and abuse. Knowing so many of the top players through the Premier League, the competition does not hold its traditional appeal for me. Still, I am sure our children will love it, and restrict their viewing to sensible hours!

After the half term they have bags of energy. It feels as if we have never been away. It seems to take a matter of seconds rather than minutes before the children settle back into routine.

On Monday our swimmers enjoyed success in the pool beating Warwick School 70-49 in their annual swimming gala. Well done, all. Good luck to all our swimmers taking part in the IAPS National Finals on Saturday at the Olympic Pool in London. Enjoy the experience and have lots of fun.

This week, after the excitement of the Pre Prep and Prep photographs, the children enjoyed competing in fixtures and house matches. The sun shone; it was a quintessential English setting. It was great to see the children happy and embracing the opportunities on offer.

Academically, our senior pupils competed at the Quiz Club National Mathematics championships at St Dominic’s Grammar School on Thursday. The children did a great job and put on a fine performance with the teams finishing 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th in the area heats. Thank you to Mrs Simmons for all the hard work involved in preparing the children.

On Thursday, we were, metaphorically-speaking, blown away by the brilliant musicians of Year 5. It was so refreshing and uplifting to hear such a range of instruments played with such aplomb.

Finally today, when I had the pleasure of speaking in Chapel, my theme was Boasting. Bearing in mind what I have written above, I may appear to fall into that unattractive category. Clearly, we have many talents at BCS but I believe it is how we use them that matters. Being humble and having an inner strength of character are important attributes we must instill in our children. As parents, we are the role models.

To conclude, I must talk about the excitement Year 2 had as each individual was attached to a House through our ‘Sorting Hat’. The children, both our current pupils and those joining us from other schools, really felt a sense of belonging and pride to be part of our unique house system. They can’t wait to join Prep and join St Monica’s, St Margaret’s, St Philip’s or St George’s family.

​Have a great weekend!