Where do those political correspondents say that ‘The Devil’ is to be found? Why, in ‘The Detail’, of course. How often have we heard that tired idiom trotted out recently, especially when Brexit is under discussion. And – of course – when The Mighty Trump goes monosyllabic and hyperbolic to claim a mighty political tour de force such as we saw/may have seen in Singapore this week. Did Mr Trump offer to relieve North Korea of sanctions? Is there really a deal? What precisely was said behind closed doors? ‘It is difficult to determine what of concrete nature has occurred,’ says Bob Corker, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman, midweek. One thing is certain: whether Trump believed he had pulled off the Summit of the Century – and there are still 82 years left – or whether he knows that he is bluffing, there was a spring in the President’s step as he came homeward.

I don’t want to invite comparisons with the ‘Great Man’ but I do know exactly how he felt as I came home after the inaugural Parents v Headmasters’ XI at Harborne Cricket club. Incidentally, in a tightly contested match, the HM XI crossed the line victorious! I mustn’t overplay it, as I went second ball to an imperious catch from Mr Raine! Can I thank David Williams, Will Brinkman, Harborne CC and all the players and spectators for making this a fantastic BCS event. The togetherness and family feel was very evident. The sort of thing that Donald expects to break out between North and South Korea, in fact. I don’t think that we should be holding our collective breath just yet!

Anyway, the children of Blue Coat School have had a ball this week! I won’t mention subordinate cricketing events in Edinburgh on Sunday, although for myself and a small band of BCS Gaels, it was a glorious way to start the week. On Monday, the School set off on our theme week, The Commonwealth. After an excellent Opening Ceremony, by Messrs Wurr and Newman, accompanied by Mrs Palmeri and two young men from King Edward’s School, the children of Pre-Prep, flags in hand, supported by Prep, set off to delve into a week of research. It has been fascinating what the children have learned across the year groups. I believe that this will have deepened their knowledge significantly. The Closing Ceremony summed up and evaluated an excellent week.

After the excitement of last week we had the National IAPS swimming finals in the Olympic Park. All the children represented their School with great spirit and determination. I must congratulate Skye Henshaw for gaining a second place in this highly selective event. This weekend we head to the English Schools Swimming Finals in Sheffield. I am sure the children will build on the stellar performance of last week. Good luck to all.

Next week we wish our best to Year 6 girls Ritisha, Zara, Amulya and Janani who compete in the semi finals of the National Maths Quiz Challenge. Judging by the intensity of the girls’ focus, I am sure they can achieve great things. As well as this special event, we look forward to The Friends’ Summer Fete next Saturday 23rd June. Please do come and support this family event – and enjoy soaking the teacher….

Have a great weekend!​