Congratulations to Anya in Year 3 who has read several classic books as part of Mr Neeson’s ‘3 Classic Books’ Challenge. Well done, Anya!

‘I have read some classic books as part of your challenge. The books I read were: Gulliver’s Travel by Jonathan Swift, Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham and The Railway Children by Edith Nesbeth. My favorite book of all of these is Gulliver’s Travel. In this book Lemuel Gulliver (a doctor) is shipwrecked and he becomes the prisoner of the little people in Lilliput. My favourite part of this book is when Gulliver goes to sleep and wakes up with his hair, hands, legs and head tied to the ground. I did not like the part when he scares the enemies away. I didn’t like it because we shouldn’t be scaring people away, we should be loving people. My favorite book until now has always been Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  I think I have read it about 5 times, and seen the movie several times and I have also been to seen the play. Thank you for the challenge because it has made me want to read more books like this and now I have’.

Anya, Year 3