A very warm welcome to all the new pupils who have started at Blue Coat this term. We are so pleased to welcome you to the Blue Coat family! We hope you have enjoyed your first few days and are looking forward to an exciting term. It is always daunting to start at a new school (for parents as well as pupils!) so we hope you are feeling settled and have had a fun-filled few days.

Blue Coat’s youngest new pupils have started their journeys in Buttons Nursery. A very warm welcome to Ameerah Athaif, Avaani Bahra, Arjan Bhogal, George Burgess, Clara Cibelli, Milo Cuell, Kate Foster, Emily Griffin, Florence Hamilton, Nicholas Hodges, Heidi Horwitch-Smith, Chloe Huang, Sofia Kazi, Shiva Kolli, Arjan Kumar, Alexia Manolopoulos, Evie Mayland, Leyana Mohamed, Elijah Ostrowski, Eva Pattni, Stefanos Psychogios, Sehej Rooprai, Oona Shiu, Barron Stojek and Amelia Zeng. The Buttons children have been settling in well and are already making new friends! Some of the activities they have enjoyed taking part in this week are hand printing (to update our British Values display board), mark making on the Interactive Board, freestyle painting, singing and dancing. They have had fun in the outdoor play area on the climber and playing in the sand in the undercover area.

In Transition, we give a big Blue Coat welcome to Anika Angadi, Jasmine Bhala, Aahil Bhavsar, Sienna Chandarana, Grace Chen, Sophia Chen, Peter Coleman, Summer Guidotti, Tisha Gupta, Sebastian Herring, Maliha Hiridjee-Hassam, Barnaby Horwitch-Smith, Zaraah Imam, Reuben Jordan, Lana Kalia, Nina McLuskie, Ishaan Modi, Ibrahim Mohammed, Ruairi Molsom, Emily Nicolson, Riyan Pabari, Sukhmani Parwana, Nell Paton, Rafael Porter, Amber Rashid, Austin Scott, Amelia West and Sophie White. They have joined the 32 pupils who have moved up from Buttons Nursery. Alongside making new friends, learning school routines and exploring the new environment, Transition have been talking about and drawing their families. They have also painted some wonderful self portraits. They have done some independent ICT activities on IPads and the interactive board and they have been counting and singing number and sound songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. We have all had great fun!

Reception has welcomed Reuben Cuell, Aiden Ho, Charles Huang, Arya-Veer Solanki, Nishka Somisetti and Chris Zhu. We have also welcomed Jai Bajwa into Year 2. The children have been getting used to their new classrooms and routines and have spent some time talking all about different emotions – what makes them happy, sad, scared, excited or angry. They have also really enjoyed playing on the wonderful new climbing apparatus in the playground!

In Prep, our new Year 3 pupils have settled in really well to Blue Coat life this week, and it is lovely to see so many new faces in the classrooms, the playground and in the Houses. 32 new pupils have joined us from over 20 different schools. It is also a big change for the pupils who have moved up from Blue Coat’s Pre-Prep with new teachers and new classes – we hope you are well enjoying making new friends! All of the children have been getting to know each other and have also been getting to grips with their timetables. They have really enjoyed starting some new subjects which they may never have taken before – French, Art, DT and Computing. Pupil planners are a key part of the children’s organisation, so they have been getting used to how these work. Parents, please ensure you check these each night for details of any homework or messages from the teachers – thank you! The new Year 3 pupils are Adam Abdul-Galeel, Wahid Abdurrahman, Aadya Agarwal, Adam Bharmal, Aalisya Bhatti, Evangeline Ernest, Kevin Ge, Maysahm Hamilton, Emma He, Erin Hickebottom, Bavanjot Hunjan, Joshua Li, Yixian Li, James Longworth, Ruoxi Ma, Leo Makhoul, Raheena Nadeem, Elaine Nguyen, Siyao and Siyuan Ou, Pranav Rebbapragada, Jack Robinson, Shawn Sen, Tia Sharma, Keya Sidhu, Haoyang Sun, Milo Todd, Li Wan, Dev Wangi, Isabella Wyndham, Aarya Yallappa and Joey Zhu. Well done to you all for being so brave, friendly and organised during your first few days at Blue Coat!

And last, but definitely not least, we are delighted to welcome Ateeb Al-Hasan and Danae Manolopoulos to Year 4 and Jessie Hong, Kabir Singh and Breshna Mohmanda to Year 5. They have settled in really well and we hope you are enjoying all that Blue Coat has to offer!

Mrs Kearney, Ms Harris, Mrs Hall, Mrs Reiner and Mrs Stanford