U11A Rugby House Match
Date: Wednesday 12th September
Result: St Philip’s 40 – St George’s 30

Report: In a fiercely contested match both teams showed a great level of commitment and passion for their house. At times this overspilled and the players must realise it is also meant to be fun and enjoyable! AY was an irresistible force early in the game scoring early and putting St George’s ahead, however the evasive running of William Brett and Ashley Jhindu coupled with some fantastic defence by James Scurlock and Luca Romano pulled St Philip’s back into the game giving them a 4-2 lead at half time. A 2nd half push almost got St George’s back on level terms but a final flourish from Jhindu sealed victory for St Philip’s. This was a pulsating game with great athleticism shown by both sides, however learning to be better team mates would definitely be something for both teams to take away from the game. Respect is one of Rugby’s core values and this is something we will be working hard on with the boys in the coming months.

Mr Protherough


U11B Rugby House Match
Date: Wednesday 12th September
Result: St Philip’s 25 – St George’s 15

Report: Playing 8 a side on a full pitch, expectations of a barrage of tries unfortunately didn’t come to fruition. The tackling and superb team defence of both houses kept the game competitive. Amar Gill brought the game to life picking the ball up on his own try line to run the full length and score. Hassan Afzal stepped up and drove his legs, scoring two superb individual tries. St Philip’s were always ahead in the game, but for a first fixture the rules and game play understanding is developing nicely.

Mr Harrison