Almost a year into a new sport, I felt that being in such a privileged position in a school setting, I would share my running journey. Through research and my own beliefs, it’s incredible how you can categorise why people run. From the early days of hunting for your prey, to losing weight and just running for solitude, it has changed how I approach my fitness goals and made me more comfortable in my own skin, so that I feel healthy and ultimately happy.

Pupils were interactive with 20 of them having chromebooks to ask me questions throughout the assembly. “What’s the furthest I have ever ran?” “Did I see Sir Mo Farah in the London Marathon?” They also let me know why they ran. The most common answer was to stay fit and stress free.

It was lovely to hear the conversations after assembly, pupils using words such as ‘inspired’ and ‘motivated’. However you use your leisure time, being active and healthy is all that matters and I hope that somewhere I sparked an interest in those with me in assembly.

Mr Harrison