Well, Monday morning was a great start to the week and gave us a comprehensive insight into the lives and times of the Aztec people. Every child in Year 4 had the chance to take part in some way either by wearing Aztec costume, demonstrating jobs, chanting the Aztec numbers, playing instruments or playing a game. We found out about their daily lives including their gods, their love of music, their weapons and their games, one of which (ullamaliztl) would even test the skills of our PE department!

Ask any child in Year 4 whether they would have liked to have been a child in Aztec times and I’m sure their response will be negative! Don’t read this next bit, Mr. Newman – children who were naughty in Aztec schools had their heads shaved so that everyone knew! The Aztecs certainly had some ‘interesting’ ways to discipline their children, but we can forgive them as they also gave us chocolate, chewing gum, avocado, pineapple and turkey to name just a few. For Topic Enrichment last week, some children made traditional Aztec hot chocolate – the response was mixed!

Thank you to Mexicolore for a very entertaining  morning, and to Mrs. Barnes for organising.

Mrs James