The Transition children have all made a great start to their physical development journey at Blue Coat School and have been busy exploring their new environment. All three classes have enjoyed playing outdoors both on the climbing frame and play equipment and also on bikes and scooters during playtimes. They have also begun PE lessons moving in various ways around the gym. Within classrooms they have daily, fun finger exercises to strengthen fingers for holding pencils correctly and to begin emergent writing. Also each class has a fine motor area for children to select activities to practise those important fine motor skills. Alongside this, children have been encouraged and supported to use knives and forks correctly at lunchtime and manage their own shoes,coats and dinner aprons. Outdoor learning activities have also given children opportunities to develop some gross motor skills. All the Transition staff have been amazed at how quickly the children have settled into school routines and made new friends. We are very proud of all of the achievements the children have already begun making, especially considering they are just three years old. Well done to you all!

Mrs Hall