On Tuesday Year 6 travelled back in time to 492 BCE with the help of Professor McGinty’s amazing time travelling machine. This was a whirlwind adventure through Ancient Greece involving much humour and laughter, along with a wealth of information and fascinating facts about daily life, education, Gods, temples and battles. It was a valuable opportunity for pupils to handle artefacts, dress up and experience writing on wax tablets with a stylus. It really brought history to life. Here are some thoughts from Year 6:

The Greek visit was an amazing idea, it was very funny and entertaining. As well as that the artefacts were amazing. It couldn’t have been better. – Jake

Greek Day was so fun! Professor McGinty taught us in a way that was fun and interesting. He made it into a kind of story and passed Greek objects round so we could learn about the Ancient Greeks. – Phoebe

Absolutely amazing. Funny, mind-blowing and of course, a great experience. We learnt so much about Greek Gods, Clothing and traditions. A really good day.– Zuhair

Wonderful, really interactive. I would be happy to watch it any day! – Lucy

Spectacular. What a performance. I loved it. It was really fun. – Maya