On Thursday 20th September the School Officers visited Kingham Hill School for some leadership training provided by TISCA.  Here are their thoughts from the day.

This was a really enjoyable experience. An excellent training session morphed with entertaining games.

Luke 6RA (House Captain of St Philip’s)

I really enjoyed it – especially the activities.  The cones, ball game and the blind folded game, I loved the animals, best day ever!

James 6AN (Head Boy)

I really enjoyed today. It was packed with fun activities and interesting lectures. I learned a lot about being a leader and learned about the qualities: leadership, encouraging and empathy. A really good school trip, a day to remember.

Zuhair 6AG (Deputy Head Boy)

I really loved this experience. Not many ten-year olds can say they have been on a memorable trip including a training day where I have learned life lessons such as leadership, empathy, teamwork, understanding and encouragement. Also, we had a lovely lunch as well as playing team games – guiding each other to solving the problem at hand, visiting the school farm and meeting ‘Beardy’ the Bearded dragon. Thank you very much for taking us on this fantastic trip.

Caitlin 6RA (Deputy Head Girl)

Today I was extremely privileged to have the opportunity to travel to Kingham Hill School, with Mr Newman and Miss Green. My favourite activity was visiting the farm and Biology classroom.  There were 2 rabbits, a cat, a horse and colt, and some extremely brave goats. Did you know that the colt’s sister participated in the Olympics last year?  In the Biology classroom we watched in awe as a live locust was fed to a Bearded Dragon, but it didn’t seem hungry. There was also a live snake. Its camouflage was so handy that at first, we didn’t notice it.  I personally think that I have really benefited from this trip and that the most important thing to take away is that there are a lot of people who are inspiring in the world and Martin Luther King Jr would be my role model and he has definitely motivated me. I am also sure that there are many people in the world who have also been motivated by ‘him’ and Barack Obama. The training trip at Kingham Hill school was absolutely spectacular and it was very advantageous. Next year’s School Officers will also enjoy it I am sure.

Muhammed 6KS (House Captain of St George’s)

I am incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity, to learn through team building and older girls who have come across the exact same position as I have. I especially enjoyed using the ball with a ring underneath, all eight of us held a string and we had to navigate the ball around an obstacle course – if you dropped the ball we all had to restart – I had great fun.

Tara 6RA (Head Girl)

I had the best time and learnt so much about helping others and working in a team. I loved the game where all 8 of us held a string that was attached to a ring which had a ball on top and we had to balance it through 4 obstacles.  We didn’t finish but we learnt so much like we can work really well as a team. We also got to communicate with the prefects at the school to know what they looked forward to and liked doing as a prefect. I was so lucky to go on this trip.

Kate 6AN (House Captain of St Margaret’s)

I am so sorry I can’t write a lot; but I am writing this on the bus and we are nearly back at Bluecoat. Can I start with how much I thank you for this epic experience. I learnt a substantial amount during this trip, for example I realised how much of a paramount job I have and how much I will miss it. I really enjoyed the team activities especially the one with the dynamite.

Kavya 6AG (House Captain of St Monica’s)