On Friday 21 Sept, the Creative Arts Department presented an Assembly to Prep to launch the Copper Poppy Project. We welcomed our Artist-in-Residence, Stephen Whitehead, who introduced the project; together with memorabilia and artefacts from WW1, he explained the importance of commemoration and remembrance.

The children sat riveted as Stephen demonstrated how they will make their poppies, using metal working skills. With their fingers in their ears (Health and Safety!) they watched transfixed as Mr and Mrs Neeson created the first poppy of our 2018 Limited Edition.

We, as a Department, are again really looking forward to involving the whole school, from Buttons to Year 6, in a project similar to the memorable Poppy Field and Wreath created four years. Drawing on the Wreath for inspiration, this very special project will be the School’s way of marking 100 years since the end of WW1.


Mrs Lambert-Green and Mrs Lynn