After last week’s eulogy on the power and entertainment value of the CD boxed set Mythos, I return to Ancient Greece and contemplate the idea of Nemesis. It’s been a week when two self-proclaimed Special Ones have come down to earth as dramatically as Icarus. Donald Trump and Jose Mourinho both revel in flying close to the sun. Their wings melted from their bodies – in The UN and at Old Trafford respectively. Mourinho cannot seriously pretend to have achieved much at the Theatre of  Dreams in the past two years or so; for Trump to make claims about his presidential achievements was, at best, contentious. In New York, row after row of representatives started to listen, with serious faces. And then, as it dawned on them, through their interpreters, the faces changed. The smile and the disbelief spread. And his audience responded to his text in the only possible way – by laughing out loud. There is a message here for all of us, is there not? Confidence is a valuable commodity; arrogance is at best unattractive; and at worst dangerous.

On the subject of different tongues – and how many must there have been in that UN assembly, our big focus has been on Languages. As BCS embraced Languages Week, a host of language activities arranged by the very talented Mrs Newman went down a storm. The children and staff embraced the opportunities. This must be seen as a vitally important part of the curriculum. We live in  a multicultural society and children should have an understanding of various languages. Sometimes I am very embarrassed how well our European neighbours speak our language yet we can be ignorant.

It was also very satisfying the our New outreach  programme to support links with the wider community seen children from another school took part in MFL day here at Blue Coat. The feedback was extremely pleasing.

This week we heard about Miss Barrett’s adventures during the summer working in the LIV village in South Africa, with children. The LIV model is long term cluster foster care, where children have a sense of belonging in a supportive community, modelling an African village lifestyle. Their ethos is: Rescue a child; Restore a life; Raise a leader; Release a star

Back here in sunny Birmingham, the Hockey, Swimming and Rugby season has started impressively, with many a pleasing performance. The children have been having lots of fun, with most year groups having large numbers of children taking part in galas and fixtures. Coupled with the excellent co-curricular offerings, this is giving the children so many opportunities. Well done to our U11 girls who participated strongly at the IAPS national qualifiers on Wednesday at St Edward’s Oxford. They worked hard and demonstrated the Blue Coat values. Bravo!

It was lovely to see the children working hard in lessons this week. One lesson that I particularly enjoyed was ERIC (Enjoy Reading In Class) time. The children were so engaged. This input is definitely hitting the mark, in terms of the importance of reading and comprehension.

I would like to thank the children and staff for supporting Open Day tomorrow. We realise that Saturday is a family day, but we greatly appreciate  your support and commitment to the School.

 Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the Ryder Cup!