Thank you 6AG for beginning our “Doctor in the House “ series of assemblies in such a dramatic and fun way. Our “Wannabe “ doctors successfully identified the basic equipment used by a doctor. We learnt that these pieces of equipment can help us to identify when our feelings are unwell not just our bodies.

In 6AG’s dramatic telling of the Bible story of David and Abigail we saw how Doctor Abigail took David’s temperature which had  flared up to an angry outburst. She diagnosed Rhino Fever! The symptoms being anger, impatience and a strong  desire to charge back at his enemy. Using her stethoscope she listened to what he has to say about the unexpected problem he had encountered. She wrote a prescription to cure the problem recommending  to David that he did not use his angry energy to take revenge but wait and let his enemy come to his own sticky end. This wise prescription did cure his Rhino Fever and like all good stories had a happy ending. David married Doctor Abigail.

Thank you Miss Green and 6AG!