This week in Reception the children have been exploring their senses. They have participated in lots of exciting activities including; designing and making fruit faces, exploring feely bags using their hands and they have gone on an environmental sound walk around the school. Next week the Reception children will be looking for signs of autumn at school and making artwork linked to autumn.

Mrs Reiner

The children in Reception have also enjoyed making ‘Fruit Faces’ this week as part of our Senses topic. There was a range of tasty fruit to select and the children enjoyed designing and eating their creation! Here’s what RB had to say:

‘We had to find the fruit that we like and decorate our fruity face’ (Kitty)
‘I chose raisins for the nose and some apples for the mouth. I liked it! (James)
‘I put raisins for the mouth and oranges for the ears and apples for the nose. It was a tasty face! (Arya)
The children discussed the importance of healthy eating and had lots of fabulous fruity fun!

Well done, Reception!

Miss Barrett