Parent Workshop: Safety Net – Keeping Children Safe Online

Ash Sharma from SKIPS Educational: School Hall, Tuesday 2nd October 2018

The Safety Net parental workshop, held on Tuesday evening, was designed to help parents keep their children safe when they’re using the internet, social networks, apps, games and more. It was a great success and well attended by Blue Coat parents.

Ash Sharma, author and founder of SKIPS Educational, delivered a very powerful and hard hitting ninety minute session, raising awareness of the types of real threats the internet can bring into our lives. Not everyone who uses the internet is trustworthy and we discussed how our children are too young to recognise these potential dangers. If we allow them access to the internet then we have a duty of care to ensure this use is regulated and monitored.

The session didn’t focus on the technology or the platforms being used, but was a real eye-opener in terms of highlighting the importance of parental involvement and the need to have open discussion at home from an early age on some of life’s sensitive subjects. During the session we discussed sharing personal information, sexting, social media, grooming, gaming, fake news, hate crime and radicalisation.

“ Very informative and needs to be hitting a much wider audience”  E.D

“Thank you for arranging this workshop. It was very helpful ” Dr S.N

Mr Hill