Thank you to 6KS for a very stormy assembly this morning! A large inflatable fish swam its way down the Chapel aisle much to the amusement of us all. Jonah vanished inside and we were all left wondering  how our “wannabe “doctors would cope with the new patient.

Jonah was diagnosed with a serious case of Ostrichitus ….in simple language “sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away.” We learnt that when faced with a nasty surprise that leaves you feeling very anxious and worried the best thing to do is to find your Doctor – let them listen to what you are worried about and then together work out a prescription that helps you to overcome your fear.

Jonah tried to overcome his worries by running away but thankfully in the end he realised that talking God (in the stomach of the fish) was a much better way of sorting things out. With God’s help, Jonah was able to do the task God had given him and found that it wasn’t as bad as he thought.

Well done 6KS, a truly dramatic assembly!