On Wednesday we were delighted to welcome back The Young Shakespeare Company to Blue Coat and witness their mesmerising performance of Macbeth. Year 5 were the perfect audience. As the rain lashed down, the wind howled and the owls hooted, we were transported to the wilds of the Scottish moors, Great Birnam Wood and High Dunsinane Hill, and were greeted by those weird sisters and the crazy content of their cauldron. They performed Macbeth to the children in an enchanting and engaging workshop, where they included many of our children for the roles. Once in costume, the children were encouraged to participate with lines and actions too. Over the course of the afternoon, Macbeth’s ill-fated journey from a brave and loyal soldier to ambitious, murderous King was revealed. Perfectly executed by our amateur actors, the theatre truly did come to BCS! Who would have thought such a dark tale could be so captivating? This classic tale of greed, ego, ambition and morality has given our Year 5 children much to think about as they embark on an exciting study of the play. A stunning performance, which was enjoyed by all; we look forward to their return for Year 6 later in the academic year.

Mrs Ayub and Miss Patel