A “Well Done” to our four brave staff contestants for passing the 6AN “Five a Day” test. Mrs Ayub is to be congratulated for pulling the best face when being presented, blindfolded, with a large piece of grapefruit to eat!

6AN took us back to the Doctors surgery where once again, our four medical students faced a challenge in their training. They watched the very dramatic and definitely entertaining 6AN version of the bible story of Naomi, Ruth and Orpah. Our doctors diagnosed Naomi with Elephant Flu. Symptoms included tiredness, sadness, feeling empty, powerless and hopeless. These were the result of the many disappointments she had suffered. Thankfully our Doctors recommended that Naomi leave the country of Moab and  return home to the safety of her family and friends. Arriving back in Bethlehem, Naomi was able to turn her disappointments into a new start and it wasn’t long before her life was filled hope and joy.

Thank you 6AN for a fabulously dramatic and fun assembly. Congratulations to our student Doctors who have now received their stethoscopes and are qualified GPs!