U10 & U11 A Swimming v Bromsgrove School and Warwick School

Date: Tuesday 13th November
Result: Warwick 34, Bromsgrove 31, BCS 30
Most Valued Player: Milo Dowling
Report: We welcomed both Bromsgrove School and Warwick School to an inter school gala in what would be an evening of very fast swimming. As a trio we excelled last season, medalling at regional and national level. An entertaining gala was therefore always going to be on the cards. Our U10 Boys were undefeated throughout the evening, displaying some dominant swims in the individual races. As a team we fought well in each race, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be with the points. Overall it finished Warwick 34, Bromsgrove 31 and Blue Coat 30. Well swam to all those who took part!
Mr Kelly



U8 Bananas Hockey Festival at RGS

Date: Tuesday 13th November
Result: No scores recorded
Most Valued Player: A fantastic team performance
Report: A great afternoon of hockey. The girls played really well and improved with each match. As the matches progressed Blue Coat began to work as a team and pass the ball forward and scored some fantastic team goals. In defence we got much better at closing down the ball and were very strong in the tackle. To improve we still need to spread out more and look up and give the pass. A great day, well done girls!

U8 Apples Hockey Festival at RGS

Date: Tuesday 13th November
Most Valued Player: Team
Report: This was a fantastic day of U8 Hockey with 9 teams drawn in our league. We got to play each team for 6 minutes and throughout the whole competition we did not concede a goal. There was some great individual play and lots of goals being scored. As the afternoon progressed we played more and more as a team and passed and covered each other, showing good match understanding. For the future we have now got to work on making sure the ball is in the goal rather than watching our shots. The afternoon proved so valuable to all the girls and hopefully we will build on this as we go forwards.
Scorer: In total Daisy (4), Susie (4), Li (2)
Mrs Bennett

U9A Hockey Festival

Date: Tuesday 13th November
Result: 2 wins and 2 draws
Most Valued Player: Zuva (3) Anoushka(1)
Report: An exciting afternoon of Hockey allowing the girls to gain lots of experience playing against a number of different schools. The festival welcomed King’s St. Albans, Winterfold, Wolverhampton and RGS. As always, the girls were raring to go. We had worked hard at squad practice this week on space and working as a team. There were many lovely examples of them putting this into practise, where the girls looked up and made successful passes to one another. The tournament enabled different combinations of girls to work together, and there were some fabulous examples of team work from Anoushka, Alex and Zuva up front. We won two and drew the other two, resulting in a successful performance from the girls! Keep up the hard work ladies, you are showing me some real talent!
Scorer: Alex (1) Anoushka (1) Zuva (2)

U10B Hockey v Hallfield

Date: Monday 12th November
Result: BCS 2- 2 Hallfield
Most Valued Player: Poppy Brigham
Report: A very exciting match to watch, a game that was closely fought from start to finish. The girls worked hard to bring the ball down the pitch, giving them a number of chances to score. At times the girls looked up and made successful passes to each other, showing excellent team work. The girls showed real confidence in defence making successful tackles enabling them to win the ball back time and time again. A real good team effort ladies and lots of lovely play. Well done girls, a fair end result 2-2.
Scorer: Poppy Brigham (2)
Mrs Somerville

U10C & D Hockey v Solihull

Date: Monday 12th November
Report: This fixture had to be adjusted quite substantially to accommodate Solihull’s lack of players as they only arrived with the 12 pupils they had in school that day. Therefore, all our girls got to play and we decided to play their 12 girls in 3 different slots with our C team against them first. This was a strongly contested match with some good tackles being made especially from Maysoon and Anjali and with good runs being made by Freya and Samah. Unfortunately, we just could not score. The match ended 0-0 but we had a lot of play. The next team to play also finished 0-0 with good determination to win the ball from all the girls and Jia, Anya and Lyba coming close to scoring. Zunaira and Harriet were working hard in midfield and Maya and Ananya working well together in defence. The final match v Solihull 12 ended in our girls losing 3-1 but we showed real strength going forwards from Layla and Lyba. Although we made good tackles individually we need to work on defending as a team and not leaving our goal open.
Mrs Bennett

U11B Hockey V Eversfield

Date: Wednesday 14th November
Result: BCS 7-0 Eversfield
Most Valued Player: Elspeth Martin
Report: Blue Coat dominated the game from the start, holding their shape and passing the ball around Eversfield. Strong hard crosses into the D gave the girls lots of opportunities to score and Blue Coat were relentless in front of goal, hitting the ball hard at the goalie and following their shot until it went in. A fantastic performance, well done girls!

U11 A Hockey v Eversfield

Date: Wednesday 14th November
Result: BCS 7-0 Eversfield
Most Valued Player: Kate S
Report: Eversfield had not lost a game this term and arrived at BCS quite confident. With an opposition made up of both boys and girls our first team started not really knowing what to expect. Within the first minute, we soon set out our stall and won the ball driving forwards and Ojal scored our first goal. For the next 14 minutes we completely penned Eversfield in and had complete control of the match being led from the middle by Bea. Kate’s desire to head towards goal enabled Storm to persevere and get the goal she deserved. We were up 5-0 in the first half and started the second half as strong with Tara now seeking a goal as well. Eversfield did this half come forwards and put together some good passes but Maya and Daphne were too strong to get passed. Even though they did not have too much to do they stayed switched on and kept us on top form. With some changes being made Lexie was now back on the astro and was working hard determined to win the ball as a forward. Another 2 goals were scored and Eversfield complimented how good our team was. I look forward to seeing how we do in our next challenge!
Scorer: Kate (3), Ojal (2), Storm (2)
Mrs Bennett