Today saw our first House Charity Day of the new academic year. St. Monica’s girls have been very busy all week preparing and making beautifully decorated Pudsey biscuits and cakes and lots of goodies to sell on their charity stalls. At half-term too, the girls have been “doing a good deed for Children in Need” and gathering sponsorship for household chores and other good deeds, to add to their charity total.

The Prep children and St. Monica’s parents gathered in the hall this morning and were greeted by a sea of bright yellow, lots of spots and a few beary ears and onesies thrown in!  The girls took us through the history of Children in Need and brought us up to date with the tremendous fundraising that takes place across the country each year, plus all the worthy causes that are helped by Children in Need.

Our very own Pudsey bears challenged themselves to eating a honey sandwich dangled above their heads on a piece of string and and everyone joined together to sing ‘A Million Dreams’. At break and lunchtime, the School Hall and Quad were a hive of activity, from speed bounce, to pin the patch on Pudsey’s eye, to digging for treasure or guessing the number of sweets in a jar and balloons in a car. Lunchtime even saw the additional attraction of Nicksey the Guide Dog – the competition to guess his weight was a little overshadowed by the competition to stroke him! A number of parents joined us, to offer a range of games and stylish hair colours were sported for the afternoon… all in all, there was much to tempt the parting of pennies for this worthy cause!

At the end of the day the Boardroom was fragrant with the sweet smell of sugar, as cakes galore pulled in the crowds for a charity cake sale. Everyone went home with a smile on their faces and no doubt will be supporting and watching the TV tonight to see how their contributions can make a difference.

Thanks to everyone for supporting St Monica’s Charity Day!

Well done, St Monica’s!

Mrs Redfern