Time seems to be passing by so quickly; Santa will be hard-pressed to pack up all those parcels, and we certainly have a sleigh load of events to cram in over the coming weeks. This week, the Estates team got us into the spirit, putting up the magnificent tree on the Viney balcony. It seemed early, but The Friends’ Christmas Fayre is coming up next weekend, of course, and our minds  are focused on getting ready to support this event.
Before the Fayre, as Theresa May tinkers with her tinsel and gets down to a severe culling of her Christmas Card list, there will be many among you who are happy to bury Brexit until the New Year. Instead, you will be dreaming of going out to festive parties, inviting friends around, looking forward to discos and the like. Last weekend, a Sunday supplement ran a piece which asked the question, ‘When did it become OK not to reply to invitations?’ It told of how a journalist in America sent out 50 invites to a leaving  party of his – and was shocked to get back a paltry five replies. Forgive me getting on my high horse (or reindeer) here, but in these  days of rapid fire social media, please never let it be said that a  BCS child is guilty of such a lack of good manners. We are surely not so restricted by our own need for flexibility that  we lack the fortitude to make a commitment; not so self-centred that  we wait to see if something better turns up on that day (or night). Like thank-you letters, the concept of Repondez s’il vous plait (those in doubt, ask Mrs Newman!) is an important one to observe –  particularly at this busy time. If Christmas is a time of giving and  receiving, it is surely a time of graciousness, too. Rant over….!

But still, on the subject of positive communication, we have had a number of Parent Evenings over the last few weeks. Thank you to all the parents who came along. You are working closely with the teachers to ensure that your children reach their full potential.

In the coming days I will be issuing all parents with our annual Aims and Priorities booklet. Without giving too much away, this document evaluates to what extent we have reached the targets that we set ourselves last year. It also shares with the parent body our aspirations for this year. I am very pleased with how the School is taking shape for our children to develop and achieve.

Unfortunately, because I was away working in Kent on Wednesday and Thursday, I was unable to hear the musicians of Year 5 play in their Recital. Feedback from Mr Nicklin was that they were on excellent form. Well done to all our children for the hard work which they put into their music. Congratulations also to our Probationer choristers who were officially inducted into the Chapel Choir this morning. Keep up the good work!

Reflecting on the week just passed, I must say a hearty well done to Year 5MO. Their assembly, ‘Doctor on Safari’, reinforced how we are  trying to build resilience in our children when dealing with hard situations. Well done to the children for a first rate performance.

As I sign off, I hope that the small band of Year 6 pupils sitting Bromsgrove 11+ today had a productive time. That finishes exam season, bar a few in the new year at schools further afield. Well done to all children, parents and staff for navigating our young ones through this testing period.
Well, I am off to Banbury this weekend to watch the U10 boys in action at Winchester House. Good luck to all of them!
Have a great family weekend.