A fantastic day out at the home of English rugby! The day got off to a great start with the children getting the opportunity to cheer on the players as they arrived into the stadium. To be so close we really got an appreciation of their size and strength. Headphones on, the players were certainly in the zone and pumped for the match but we did manage to get a smile and nod from Dylan Hartley and almost a high 5 from Danny Care! Pocket money was spent on programs, ref links and souvenirs and then we were ready for the big match and took to our seats. The children enjoyed watching the warm ups and we were spoilt with an opportunity to get on the big screen with DJ TP!

England started strongly with ‘Swing Low’ bellowing around the stadium. We were rewarded with an early try which got us all up out of our seats celebrating. Unfortunately this did not continue as Japan stole the show for the rest of the first half, running hard, offloading out the tackle and finding holes in the English defence. Thankfully, England managed to come back in the second half and the children enjoyed celebrating a few more tries and an England victory.

A great day out at the rugby!

Miss Crews