Why is the sky blue?  Why do your ears pop on a plane?  Is there gravity on the Moon? Do microorganisms have mouths?

On Friday 30th November, our Y5/6 STEM (TED) group were visited by a pair of KES sixth formers, Arun (BCS old scholar) and Eduardo, who ran an ‘Ask a Scientist’ session.  The presentation started with a few questions to ‘grab the attention’ and a reminder of the scientific process: Enquiry, Hypothesis, Experiment, Data Analysis and Conclusions.  The conclusions typically lead into further questions and the process repeats.

There followed a fascinating practical demonstration with golden syrup, fairy liquid, cooking oil and water and a discussion involving heaviness and density.

Finally, the KES pupils addressed our scientific questions, introducing many new scientific principles such as pressure differentials and how some microorganisms obtain nutrients.

The session was fascinating and, I hope, will inspire the BCS children to continue with their STEM studies.  The KES pupils were extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and adaptable!

Mrs Simmons