We are thrilled to announce another Blue Coat first. This week, we launched our new Digital Leader programme in Prep.

What are Digital Leaders, you may ask. Well, we believe to stand out as a Digital Leader you need to have a passion for technology and a desire to share your knowledge with others. Additionally you need the ability to promote the use of all things digital throughout the school.

Being a Digital Leader is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility and to demonstrate leadership skills. Perhaps most importantly, Digital Leaders can be a real help and support for busy teachers in busy classrooms!

During our Prep Assembly on Wednesday Mr Neeson presented thirty four children with their smart Digital Leader badges and they will begin helping others with their technology straight away.

Well done, everyone.

Our Digital Leaders in Years 3 and 4

3HW – Harry, Lois
3MH – Pranav, Beatrice
3RS – Sarah, Tom
3SW – Yixian, James
3TE – Jacob, Li
4GS – Charlie, Anya
4ES – Zuva, Jack
4LJ – Siyena, Noah
4SB – Anya, Raena


Our Digital Leaders in Years 5 and 6

5BB – Lemuel, Priyam
5JR – Humnah, Ishani
5MO – Richard, Alessandro
5ZS – Maggie, Rishul
6AG – Felix, Joanne
6AN – Gargi, Shakthi
6KS – Muhammed, Yuvraj
6RA – Will, Ojal


Mr Hill and Mrs Burns – Digital Leader Mentors