On Tuesday Year 6 pupils gained further insight into the effects of WW1 on the women of Britain through the eyes of a Nurse, Vesta Tilly and a Music Hall artist, Dorothy Lawrence who disguised herself as a man and fought on the front line, and campaign with suffragettes to allow women to vote.

Soldier at War- ‘Fall in’ ‘Whizz Bang’ ‘Take Cover’ ‘Pass the rations’

Pupils were put through their paces with practice drills in preparation for life in the army. From signing up, being issued a uniform to digging trenches, going ‘over the top’ and being face to face with the enemy in what was said to be the war to end all wars. This was a fantastic opportunity to bring learning alive including many replica artefacts.

Here are the thoughts of some pupils:


“It taught me a lot more than I knew.” Felix I

“The workshop showed us how women found their way to freedom.” Lucy C

“I liked pretending to be injured and being bandaged up.” Faaris A


“I really enjoyed touching the artefacts.”  Flynn M

“It was exciting and educational.” Lexie H

“It was fun to fight a ‘pretend’ war.” Ashley J


“It was engaging to pass the ration helmets, it was made to be fun – I’m sure it was not really fun to be there at all!”  Amy A

“A fun and interactive way to learn about History.”  Ehsan A

“It made me think about how sad and upsetting it must have been at that time. Also, we got an opportunity to work with another Y6 class too.”   Bea N


“It excited me about learning more on the subject.” – Oliver S

“It really showed me how horrible and forced the war was upon innocent men who did not want the war to go on and were in fact happy to call a truce.” – Imaan I

“It was made more enjoyable by allowing us to be part of the whole event through role play.” – Rohan C

Mrs Green