On Wednesday, a small group of Year 4 pupils travelled to King Edward’s School to participate in the Year 4 Maths Borcherds Shield Maths Challenge for independent schools. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone indeed.

The competition consisted of two rounds: a crossnumber and a relay. The relay was a real test of endurance and ability with children running back and forth to get their answers checked but also to pass on the next question to their team mates.

The afternoon took on a more relaxed atmosphere with some interesting reasoning problems that pupils could also try with families at home or even teach their teachers/peers back at school.  This was followed by a few ‘magic’ tricks that involved a lot more logical mathematical thinking than we may have ever thought.

The Blue Coat School were able to end their day on a high, with one of our team’s achieving second place. Congratulations to all our children on representing the School so well and giving their all.

Mrs Nazir