It was Friday night and all the children had gone home.  But as dusk settled a new set of pupils of the adult variety had joined BCS! From Pink Ladies and T Birds to Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and throw in a Golden Table or two, The Friends’ ‘Back to School’ Quiz got off to a merry start. Mobile phones confiscated, Messrs Pemble and Williams kept order as they took charge and fired questions at our quiz teams: Special Measures, We’re Crackers, The Backdrops, Clueless, The Quizards of Oz, Quizen Gamot, The Phileas Foggs, Goldenballs, The Year 5 Les Miserables, Non-School Uniform Day and Grease Lightning.

Thank you to everyone for embracing the quiz theme so enthusiastically, it is always fun to see all the inventive interpretations, any excuse to dress up for some! Who knew that an adult would be able to squeeze into a Pre-Prep apron and Blue Coat Uniform with such ease?

Congratulations to our Rydell High pink ladies and T birds who were this year’s winners and also voted best-dressed team. We’re Crackers were this year’s wooden spoon recipients. A fantastic evening for the Blue Coat family bringing parents, staff and friends together raised £912.93 for school. An additional £430 from the raffle proceeds will be donated in memory of the much-loved Pauline Rilley. Thanks go to Mr Ish for the sound, Alison and Dave in catering, Stuart Pemble and Willow, Mr Hill, Laura and Julie and Jenny and of course to Jules W for organising such a successful event.