It is my considered belief that Blue Coat gives children the very best start in life. As Headmaster, I cannot recommend the idea of being expelled from school. After the recent fantastical, romantic Year Three and Four play, I certainly hope that none of our pupils will have become over-excited by the idea of expulsion. OK, I can accept that when young Watt Cobblers is expelled from Knight School and becomes Merlin’s apprentice, life does takes on a magical turn for him. But remember this, children: Camelot Castle soon collapsed into chaos. Merlin lost Excalibur, King Arthur’s daughters were kidnapped and those brave knights of his did turn into chickens.

Admittedly, the young squire Watt, Dusty Dragon and wayward Princess Alice set off on the biggest quest of their lives, trying to rescue the princesses, save Excalibur and defeat the evil Black Knight. Could they do it? Well, we found out the answers in this magical production. The cast gave everything: singing a lot, dancing a lot and laughing a lot… at Camelot! Just don’t try it at home!

“What a Knight!” certainly went down a storm, underlining the depth of talent here at BCS. The acting, singing and overall level of performance was excellent. Well done to Years Three and Four. A big thank you to Mrs Jennings, Mr Nicklin and all the staff who helped this production become such a success. ‘What a Knight’ was a darned fine, and dramatic, way to bring the half term to a close. This has been an emotionally tough six weeks, with the loss of some loved ones here, but we can also look back with pride as our School goes from strength to strength.

This week, for instance, we welcomed for their entry assessment interviews, a record number of children to BCS. This was a positive day indeed. Many prospective parents raised the point that they had applied to Blue Coat due to the growing reputation of our School, something which is largely down to the support of the parent body. We really appreciate your support in all that we do.

There is also a special request from The Friends this week that you please donate any unwanted uniform items to the Prep Houses or to Mrs Arch in Pre-Prep as they will be holding a Second Hand Uniform sale on Friday 8th March from 3pm-5pm in the Boardroom. Please use this as an excuse to have a clear out over half term!

Today Prep ended the term with a super service by the Birmingham Gospel Choir. The vibrant music and the thought-provoking speaker finished off this session on a real high.

As we head into the break, thank you to all the staff for their continued hard work. And to the children, thank you for working hard and achieving so well. You should be very proud of yourselves! Happy Holiday, everyone!