Well! What a week Years 3 and 4 had just before we broke up for half term as we staged our production of What a Knight! The craziest quest in Camelot, saw knights, princesses and a rather outspoken dragon pitted against the Black Knight and his two henchmen, to find the missing Excalibur and save Camelot from certain doom! Who would have thought that Excalibur would be found in a rather tasty scone!

The energy and sparkle that the children brought to the stage was simply outstanding. We must remember that these are 7 and 8 year olds, committing themselves to producing a performance of such high standards in just 6 weeks of rehearsals! Our set looked amazing and was complimented by a colourful array of medieval costumes. This year the children excelled themselves in their  acting, dancing and singing and it was a great display of teamwork from both staff and children alike. Special mention must go to Harry, Charlie, Lucie, Theo, Connie, Noah, Jai, Joel, Kenza , Zuva  and Claire who from the very start of rehearsals showed commitment and talent in both learning lines and stage discipline.

Well done Lower School on another successful production!

Mrs Jennings