On Monday, Year 4 children came fully prepared for an exciting day of Tudor activities in their Tudor outfits! They were invited into Lord North’s manor (the school hall) and were summoned to carry out many duties. These included everyday tasks such as ink making and writing, scent bag making (to keep the plague away), embroidery, leather working and candle- stick making. Some children were even left without some limbs after visiting the Barber’s Surgery!

Whilst the children carried out their activities, rumours were rife about Anne Boleyn and it was announced that she had committed treason and was to be sentenced to death!

To celebrate the death of Anne Boleyn, Lord North invited all his workers to an afternoon feast. We ate bread, cheese, biscuits and drank from goblets all whilst enjoying a variety of entertainment including jugglers and jesters, singing, dancing and acting.

A fantastic day was had by all and it complimented our Humanities learning perfectly!

Mrs Barnes