2F performed their class assembly this week to both Reception and then KS1 respectively. The theme of the assembly was based around Science, connecting to our scientific learning as part of British Science Week. Our assembly asked the question: what if science didn’t exist? The moral of the story quickly revealed that in fact, science is everywhere and, be it materials, electricity, weather, plants and much, much more, is pivotal to our lives.

We were also delighted to welcome  during this special scientific week a visitor from Hands On Science, who delivered a super rocket themed workshop across the whole of Pre-Prep. Connecting to the British Science Week theme of ‘Journeys’,  we  predicted and conducted an investigation as to how far our own handmade ‘rockets’ would travel. We made our own rockets using paper and plastic straws and predicted what would happen when we blew into them, before discussing the science of energy itself and why such movement from our rocket would occur. We loved designing them ourselves as well as testing them all at once to see whose went the furthest, before discussing and evaluating our results.

If there’s one thing British Science Week has taught us, it is simply: we are all scientists!

Mr Fogarty