At 2pm the School Hall was full of colour and excitement as Prep gathered for the House Shout competition. This year’s theme was ‘Hello’.

First up it was St Margaret’s who performed a lovely version of ‘Hey Soul Sister’ with their very own lyrics. They made the most of their musical talent and had some beautiful choreography.

Next it was St Philip’s turn: the boys brightened everyone’s afternoon with their joyful performance of ‘Hey Hey We’re The Monkees’, complete with red face paint and brilliant dance moves!

Third up were the serene harmonies and smooth choreography and added drama and musical performance from St Monica’s who performed their very own mash up of Adele’s Hello and Outkast’s Hey Ya.

Last, but not least were St George’s, sporting their cool sunglasses. They gave an entertaining performance of ‘Mr Blue Sky’. What a wonderful way to end the 2019 House Shout.

The judge Mr Nicklin had a tough decision on his hands as he headed backstage to choose the winners.

The results were as follows –

Best Choral Interpretation – St George’s 

Best Singing – St Margaret’s

Best Choreography – St Philip’s

Best Stylistic Interpretation – St Monica’s

The overall winners were St Margaret’s who were crowned the winners of the 2019 House Shout. 

Well done everyone and thank you for a wonderful end to the term!

Click here to watch the performances