Year 6 spent a wet and exhilarating Thursday afternoon in their latest STEM challenge. The maxim “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”(Albert Einstein) proved food for thought as the children set about their latest STEM task set by Mrs Simmons.

The challenge was to create a floating boat that could support the equivalent weight of 25 pennies for at least 10 seconds without leaking, sinking or tipping over.  Each team had access to a 10″ piece of clingfilm, 10 plastic straws, four paper cups and a length of duct tape. The trick was not to feel compelled to use every last thing! The results were varying but amongst the creations there were certainly a few vessels that stood up to the test. At the end of the design challenge the whole year group gathered in the Hub foyer around a large paddling pool and had lots of fun launching their boats into the water.

The next exciting thing in store for Year 6 STEM is a series of sessions to be run by students from Birmingham City University later this month. We were delighted to welcome the students to see our watery STEM in action and to talk to the children about what they would like to study next.

Mrs Simmons