Reception had the most amazing day at The Safari Park. The weather was perfect and the children were delightful! There were lots of exciting animals to see and to learn about. We started off with the coach tour. We were very fortunate, as the animals were quite close to us so the children were able to get a really good view. Luckily the lions were being released from their enclosure right next to the coaches, so they were literally by the wheels of the coach, a fantastic sight! Then hunger set in so we had a wonderful picnic, kindly provided by the kitchen staff. After lunch the children went for a walk around the park and encountered many different species. They had bats flying around their heads, parakeet’s sitting on their arms, not to mention the moving, roaring dinosaurs giving them a fright! Our final activity was a visit to the classroom where the children were able to touch some smaller species, including a very smelly ferret! We arrived back at school exhausted, having had the most wonderful day! Our Blue Coat School children were amazing. They were impeccably behaved and very enthusiastic, a real credit to us all.

Mrs Powell