The results are in!! After all of their hard work and preparation for the recent LAMDA exams, the children have been rewarded with the best ever set of results since I started teaching here in 2005. This year we had 0 Pass marks, 12 Merits and a record 53 Distinctions. Out of the 53, 36 children scored 90 and above, and for the first time ever, 4 children were awarded 100%. A special mention to Priscilla, Rayan, Bavanjot and Humnah. Impressive work!

Our examiner was a stalwart of the LAMDA world with many years of examining experience. He was really impressed with the children’s work, and made mention of how good their conversation and communication skills were. The majority of children scored top marks in that part of the exam. All of those sessions in Mrs Foley’s chatty chair appear to be paying off!

We also had another first this year, as Year 6 were introduced to Public Speaking. So successful has this been that I will now be rolling it out for every year 6 child who participates in LAMDA classes. These invaluable skills will stay with them as they go forward into senior school life and beyond, and I have loved hearing all about their amazing trips and experiences. Well done you guys.

I want to thank each and every child for their hard work, and to parents for their continued support. I am so very proud of all of the children. They have represented our school brilliantly!

Mrs Foley