Children in Pre-Prep have been very busy this week exploring different aspects of the world around them. The week began with a trip to Prep’s assembly where the theme of “Our World, Your World” was introduced. Activities have included using Google Earth to consider how we fit into the World, looking at how we can care for our environment through recycling and not wasting resources. Transition have been learning the song, “He’s got the Whole World in his Hands” ready for their end of year Thanksgiving service in Chapel. The Reception classes have also thought about how our actions can make a difference to animals in different environments including the polar regions, the rainforests and the oceans by not being wasteful. It has certainly made us think. On Friday each class was paired up with a class from Prep who came to help with a range of activities linked to this theme.

Mrs Shaw

Following the general theme of the Environment here in Pre-Prep, Year 1 and 2 have been engaged on an exciting programme of activities. These were to help the children to understand the impact that each of us can individually have on the environment and also the wider environmental impact of the weather. In Year 1 the theme has been coastal erosion which has thoroughly engrossed everyone. Do you know that our west coast is protected from the worst of the Atlantic storms by the island of Ireland? However, the east coast of England does not have the same  protection from the North Sea and coastal erosion is a serious issue for communities living in vulnerable areas. The children carried out a STEM investigation to find out which sea defence would be the most effective and problem solved to decide how other defences could be strengthened. Looking after beaches is another aspect that children investigated. The role of different plants and their particular habitats is vitally important and the destruction of these delicate ecosystems through pollution helped children to realise that their behaviour towards the environment, wherever they are is cannot be underestimated. The Year 2 classes focussed on ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ as their topic. Children were set a challenge to re-use and recycle plastic bottles which were filled with waste paper and made into a stool for a child to sit on. They have also re-used fabric and made a rag rug, so stepping back in time shows how wasteful we have all become!

Mrs McKenzie-Ward

This week in Prep lessons have been linked to the theme of ‘Our World, Your World’ and the children have been investigating and finding out about environmental issues and how we can make a difference.  The week started with a whole school assembly to launch our Theme and finished with the prep and pre-prep classes sharing their findings with each other. Year 3 have been finding out about The Rainforest – it’s importance and the range of animals that call it home.  They have been looking at the loss of habitats and how we can support the conservation of the Rainforest. Year 4 have used the text ‘The Day the Ocean Went Away’ and investigated plastic pollution particularly in our oceans.  They have found out about the life cycle of a plastic bottle and how we can try to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Year 5 are busy with their exam studies however they have had the opportunity to create presentations about climate change. Year 6 have investigated food waste, where our food comes from and how we can reduce food waste.  In STEM lessons they tried the tomato challenge – designing a system to transport tomatoes from the top of the hillside to the bottom without damaging the crop.

Well done, everyone, for getting involved in Theme Week and for all your ideas and creations. We hope you have enjoyed this week and it has inspired you to think lots more about how we can care for our precious world.