The fifth and final BCS Experience Day took place on Tuesday and we were delighted to welcome twenty-four Year 6 pupils from Oasis Woodview Academy in Edgbaston. The children participated in a STEM Experience.

Over the course of the day, the children learned what STEM is, why it is important and what sort of STEM-related careers there are.  They then looked at some of the problems facing survivors following natural disasters and the ways in which engineers can help.

The children’s task was to determine appropriate design features of a temporary shelter and to learning about the engineering process. They considered size, availability of resources, strength, water resistance and heat retention. Armed only with straws, newspapers, tape and wooden poles, they then constructed their own emergency shelters (both mini prototypes and the real thing) and evaluated the effectiveness of their products.

The children were enthusiastic, motivated and a pleasure to work with. Huge thanks also to Mrs Simmons for all her hard work in ensuring our guests had a wonderful day.

Miss Patel