This week in Chapel we have been exploring the theme of justice. In their class assembly on Wednesday, 4GS introduced the theme by showing us the difference in wages that people earn around the world. They challenged us to think carefully about how we use the word ‘unfair’ and gave some helpful suggestions for how we can stand up for those who have no voice – donating to Foodbanks, speaking out against bullying and praying for the poor, to name a few ideas.

This morning, the theme continued as our guest speaker, Nick Thorley from Christian Aid, shared with us some of the work that his charity are doing to combat poverty and injustice around the world. In an inspiring interview with Nick, we also heard about his own personal journey over the past few years as he has come to terms with losing his eyesight. Nick reminded us that God is with us, giving us strength and hope as we suffer. He also shared some early stories from his time in a rock band with Chaplain, and how amazingly in recent months he has accomplished a 100 mile run, and made a National name for himself on the radio, commentating about his favourite football club Stoke City! A great inspiration for our Prep children, and a reminder that nothing needs to hold us back from achieving our goals.

Chapel collections over the course of this term have enabled us today to give £500 to the work of Christian Aid. Thank you to everyone who has donated to chapel this term.