The three Transition classes have been to chapel this week to celebrate their first year in school. Parents were invited to join us for an assembly where the children looked back at some of the things they have enjoyed this year and also talked about what they are looking forward to in their Reception classes. Each child showed a painting and spoke about their favourite activities. The children have also worked hard to learn several songs and class poems which they performed enthusiastically. Parents were then invited to join the children back in their classrooms where they were able to share their work on display and some of the daily activities. Transition staff and parents alike have enjoyed looking back and have been amazed at how much the children have achieved.

Mrs Shaw

On Tuesday 25 th June, Reception performed their Chapel assembly entitled ‘Our World, Your World’ to their families. The awful weather didn’t put a dampener on the children’s wonderful enthusiasm. The Reception children reported on current issues affecting our world. RM headed to the rainforest where they were concerned with the effects of deforestation and how this will impact on animals that live in the Amazon rainforest. RP were based in the Ocean, where they reported on how plastic ends up in the oceans and how this can be prevented. Finally, RB headed to the Polar Regions where they explained that the ice caps were melting and what that means for the animals that live in the North and South Pole. The Reception staff were proud of the children for saying their lines so clearly. Well done, Reception! A special thank you to Mr Darby for organising the music and Mrs Evans for helping the children to learn their words for the songs.

Mrs Reiner