This week Year 6 enjoyed a variety of activities as part of their Year 6 Leavers’ Enrichment Programme.  The theme of the week was Life Skills and Attitudes. The purpose of Enrichment Week is to give pupils opportunities to challenge themselves and enjoy learning beyond the normal classroom environment with the aim to support the children with a range of skills as they approach transition to Senior School and to celebrate their contribution to the life of Blue Coat School.  The week started with collaboration and risk taking as the children enjoyed adventure at Forest School or Aztec Adventure. They paddled, climbed and swung to new heights at Aztec Adventure with the highlight being a leap into the cold lake fully clothed! Forest school saw teamwork in action in building a settlement and a water transport system so the thirsty villagers could have fresh water.  Wednesday encouraged the pupils to develop their life skills with First Aid, Money Matters and Self Awareness sessions helping them build their skills for the future. On Wednesday morning the children attended a ninety minute workshop about Online Safety, led by Mr Hill. The session included discussions, video case-studies and practical advice to keep our departing Year 6 pupils safe as they move onto their secondary schools, potentially with shiny new mobile devices. We discussed ‘Five Top Tips to keep you in control’…Protect your online reputation, Know where to find help, Don’t give in to pressure, Respect the law, Acknowledge your sources and ended with the creation of a Year 7 Pupils’ Charter for staying safe using online technology. STEM on Thursday completed Zoetropes and the children investigated clocks and sundials using their maths and science skills to measure and make water clocks. Finally we all found out how to stay safe in the real world at Safeside on Friday learning about risks and hazards.  The final event of the week was the Year 6 Leavers’ Disco where the children celebrated their friendships at The Blue Coat School.

Miss Green