It’s time for us to say goodbye

We’re sad to leave you all behind

But all the joy we’ve known here

We hold within our hearts

The memories we have made here

Right from the start

We’re moving on to pastures new

And teachers, we will all miss you


You’ve cared for us and helped us

Every step along the way

You’ve seen the spark within us

Nurtured each day

All the things we have done                                

There’s so much to count

From the moment we joined til we soon walk out

All the sport and the music, drama and TED

So many reasons to GET OUT OF BED


A big shout goes out to our fab house heads  

You’re our school mums and dads and that’s enough said!

You’re the first that we see when we get to school

We all want you to know



A world awaits us as we go

There’s still much more for us to know

We’ll grow and learn together, even though we’re moving on

We’ll always be a family, singing this song.


And God will hold us in his hands          

And He will lead us in His plans

So please will you remember

To keep us in your prayers?

That God will love and guide us every day


This is our song!

This is the finale!

We love this school, Oh Bluecoat you have blessed our lives! 

This is our song

This is the finale!

We’ll come again, but now it’s time to say Goodbye!

All Lyrics copyright of Becky Drake