This year has been a particularly creative one in Pre-Prep. The children in Year One and Two have practised and honed their art and DT skills and have produced some stunning work. They have learnt about many different artists from Van Gogh, Matisse and Kandinsky to Yoni Alter and Peter Thorpe. As the children have talked about famous pieces of art, they have developed their art vocabulary and offered their own unique viewpoints.

Lots of wonderful models have been made too which have celebrated the children’s skills of making, joining, cutting, sewing and decorating.  The children have become designers and painstakingly transformed their drawings into super 3D models or products. Food has also been on the timetable as Year One designed and made delicious sandwiches for Transition and Year Two designed and produced tempting fruit kebabs. No doubt some of this work has arrived home (probably not the food), and we hope you have enjoyed your children’s masterpieces as much as we have. Well done Year One and Two. You are all artists and designers!

Mrs Straw