Over the Summer Holiday, work in the Forest School area continued. The second Outdoor Classroom (HC2) was completed, a pathway from the driveway constructed and covered with bark chippings, a second fire pit area constructed, a Mud Kitchen area was built and the area adjacent to the cricket nets landscaped. Most pleasingly, most of this work utilised recycled materials from work done over Easter to remove old and overgrown trees around the campus, left-over materials from the building of HC2 and various pallets deposited around the site during a busy Summer works programme.

The site itself utilises land which has, historically, been little used. The whole project fits in with a wholesome forest ethos of reusing and reinventing materials and environments.

The upshot of this project, is that children at BCS have the opportunity to work, play, learn and most importantly have fun, in a safe outdoor environment that has the feel of a proper woodland area.

Pre-Prep have had enormous fun exploring the delights of the mud kitchen, letting their imaginations run riot creating many glorious meals with mud, water and recycled equipment from our old dining room. If you haven’t seen the photos on the Outdoor Ed Twitter feed, you are missing a treat.

We see this project as very much a work in progress, and whilst the area is looking much smarter, there are plans to further develop it, so as to maximise the learning opportunities our children have here at BCS.

For the older children Forest School sessions continue on a Friday afternoon during TED time, and we are again opening our Forest School area to other schools in the local community as part of our Outreach Programme.

Much thanks must go to our excellent Friends Association for funding the building of both HC1 (in the garden) and HC2. They have shared our vision throughout, as have our forward thinking Senior Leadership Team. 

At the entrance to HC2 there is a log from one of the felled poplar trees, carved with the phrase ‘Listen, Look, Dream and Grow’.

We could all do more of that.

Come and visit the Forest Area. Dream lots!

Mr Isherwood and Mrs Walker