Today, millions of people across the world will join global demonstrations demanding action on climate change. Young people and adults have been encouraged – and inspired – to strike, to protest against inactivity on global warming. What has this to do with Blue Coat School, you might well ask. 

Well, apart from the fact that it has something to do with all of us, this action is being driven by a schoolchild, a remarkable 16-year-old girl. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist, continues to hold to account politicians worldwide. And this story ties in neatly with the work that we have been doing at Blue Coat during the early days of this term.

As children across the school were involved in a variety of activities and assemblies, we have been thinking about how selflessly we should live our lives – and how we have to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.  What better example could there be for the girls and boys here than to see a teenager sailing (rather than flying) across the Atlantic – and there demanding action for the benefit of future generations.  

Like Greta (if less dramatically) we have turned the spotlight on the world beyond ourselves Pre-Prep enjoyed an assembly with Chaplain on Creation and ‘What Went Wrong.’ Miss Waller and her Year 5 form started the year of class assemblies with an excellent assembly on the Prodigal Son, focusing on compassion and forgiveness. And finally we came together as one School to launch our Operation Christmas Child projects. The assembly was great fun, as always, but this year Chaplain really reinforced why we help others. Thank you to all the staff for the input and making this a memorable event.

On the sports front, the hockey and rugby season kicked off in earnest. There was many a promising team performance  and lots of fun and enjoyment. How exciting to see our cross country trials begin in preparation for the season and in particular the inaugural BCS Cross Country event at Warley Woods on the last day of this half term. Well done to the athletes. It’s wonderful to see youngsters going through their pain barrier for the sake of the team as a whole.

As a school we are trying hard to give the Prep children more responsibility. Following last week’s assembly, the children have been putting themselves forward to become a member of one our teams such as our newly-formed Eco Committee, Science Ambassadors, the Digital Leaders or the Pupil Council. Greta would be proud of you all!

Yes, there is so much opportunity to help shape our school. On that note, a special ‘well done’ to our Heads of School who attended leadership training at Kingham Hill School this week. They represented BCS with pride and distinction.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the first Prep Golden Table of the year where the children waxed lyrical about the acts of kindness and other achievements. It really is one of my weekly highlights.  

On that note I’ll sign off! Have a lovely weekend!