On Thursday we, the School Officers, had an amazing day at Kingham Hill School. We were given a lot of brilliant advice on being School Officers.

Firstly, a team of staff introduced themselves and explained what we would be doing during the day. Then, we went through the good and important qualities of a good leader. Next, we watched short clips of the positive and the negative things of being a good leader. These included, arrogance, humility and being a servant leader.

We then went outside for some teamwork activities.  To start off, we played a game called bomb disposal, in which we had to display the skills of communication and perseverance. Secondly, we played a challenging code breaking game where you also needed the skill of communication and memorising numbers. Last but not least, we played a game where one person gets blind-folded and the other has to direct them around an obstacle course using only one word.

The morning made us hungry, we ambled into the lunch hall, chose our meal and ravenously ate our delicious food. After we had finished our delicious main course, we tucked into an equally nice pudding. We then walked to the farm, where we met a lot of animals: two dogs, an alpaca, some sheep, several Guinea pigs, some goats, a pony and some calves. Hari was especially interested in a cute dog, named Peter!

After washing our hands, we walked back to our room, and patiently waited for the prefects of Kingham School to arrive. When they did, we started a conversation about being a School Officer/School Prefect. After being introduced to the Prefects, we went through some of the main responsibilities of being an Officer. We went through many scenarios, which included some smaller pupils who didn’t quite understand discipline, which could appear in school.

We are thoroughly excited for being the new School Officers 2019-2020, and will try our best to improve, in the best way we can, our school.

William, Freya, Hari and Maggie